When You Walk in the Room

January 1, 2009


MP3: When You Walk in the Room – The Remodels

Jackie DeShannon was a peer of Carole King, Ellie Greenwhich, and the other women songwriters who cranked out major hits for other artists. Even though she was not a shadow character in the film Grace of my Heart, some of her fabulous wardrobe seemed to have made the cut!

This lady dated Jimmy Page before the Zeppelin debauchery, wrote many amazing songs and sang so well that Burt Bacharach recruited her to sing some of their best material (hear a “Lifetime of Loneliness”). She is an all-arounder, in the best sense.

Uptempo and ready to kick unrequited love to the curb is how most people know “When You Walk in the Room,” but change a few things and it becomes a sad song of love lost that goes something like this:

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