What Makes You Think You’re The One

January 1, 2009


MP3: What Makes You Think You’re The One – The Remodels

Do you remember the packaging for the vinyl version of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk? It was the most perplexing thing. Blessed was the day it came out on CD because it was now – finally – easy to access.

Did you ever make a cassette compilation of just Lindsey’s song from Tusk? We did, too. It’s been stated best in 3 More Reasons Why Lindsey Buckingham is a Genius when he writes:

“In 1979, while the rest of the band were clinging to the 1970s like grim death, he cut off his hippy locks and put on make-up and women’s suits and played his version of punk songs.”

Family drama was a key component of the Fleetwood Mac magic, and there were several “Stevie, piss off!” songs on Tusk. Here’s a less manic take on one of them:

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