Results of a Misspent Youth = CREEM Documentary

August 8, 2020

The 1980 and 2016 versions of CREEM’s Boy Howdy! T-shirt.

The release of the CREEM documentary sent me into personal archives to revisit how beautifully the magazine and its staff warped my mind, musically and otherwise.

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick on the cover of CREEM December 1979

Many of the talking heads in the documentary share their first encounter of the magazine. I thought mine was the issue shown above, but it turns out it was the first issue I bought whereas CREEM got its hooks into me 16 months previous.

Read my review of the CREEM documentary and how it shaped my future.

Legendary Rush article by the late John Kordosh in CREEM June 1981.

Sad Side Note: while researching for this article, I was crushed to learn that John Kordosh died in 2017. His CREEM articles and world view are peerless, IMO. His Rush article (shown above) remains the journalistic gold standard I judge everything by.

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