Brian Smith: all the drumming

August 16, 2010

I’ve been playing drums since I was 9 years old. I took my first lessons at Baton Music in the U City Loop with a rental snare and a Beatle haircut. A year so later I received my first drum kit, a cheap, used Apollo with blue sparkles, the kind of thing teenagers probably got […]


Steve Staicoff’s “Grey Mist”

August 14, 2010

Steve “S3” Staicoff is one of the original Remodels, and a prodigious musician/songwriter. He now has a CD compilation spanning 20 years of his solo career, Play it By Year. Here’s a current track that is sadly beautiful:

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The Remodels Return – Here’s Proof

August 13, 2010

Summer 2010, and The Remodels have resurfaced as an actual band with an actual show or two to get good for. For now, we’re live from a basement in Webster Groves with new members. Like¬† John “Professor” Ellis on guitar (above left) joining original Remodel Toby Weiss (above right). Above is Brian Smith, drummer extraordinaire, […]

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This Is Love

January 2, 2009

. MP3: This Is Love – The Remodels George Harrison is the coolest Beatle, OK? Jeff Lynne is completely responsible for keeping George musically productive in the 1980s, and his signature sound is marvelous, within proper context. In the case of some of the material on Cloud Nine, his production had a tendency to suck […]

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Girl Don’t Come

January 2, 2009

. MP3:¬† Girl Don’t Come – The Remodels A cover of the Sandie Shaw song, remodeled with this starting inspiration: What if Plastic Letters-era Blondie were to do this song? And here’s what we came up with:


Love Is Alright Tonite

January 1, 2009

. MP3: Love Is Alright – The Remodels Once upon a time, Rick Springfield was a right good power-popper. Hitting soap opera, teeny bopper mega-success at the same time diminished his musical accomplishments in some eyes. Working Class Dog still holds up as solid and exuberant professional power pop record. It’s got the songs, it’s […]

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What Makes You Think You’re The One

January 1, 2009

. MP3: What Makes You Think You’re The One – The Remodels Do you remember the packaging for the vinyl version of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk? It was the most perplexing thing. Blessed was the day it came out on CD because it was now – finally – easy to access. Did you ever make a […]

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When You Walk in the Room

January 1, 2009

. MP3: When You Walk in the Room – The Remodels Jackie DeShannon was a peer of Carole King, Ellie Greenwhich, and the other women songwriters who cranked out major hits for other artists. Even though she was not a shadow character in the film Grace of my Heart, some of her fabulous wardrobe seemed […]

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