The Remodels with Tory Starbuck – Harmony (Elton John)

February 6, 2017

Letting our Elton John flags fly, down in the Rumpus Room. Professor Ellis and Toby Weiss are joined by Tory Starbuck. Turns out Tory and Toby are both North St. Louis County ex-pats who were major Elton John grade school obsessives in the 1970s. Hence “Harmony.”

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Steve Staicoff: all the musical heavy lifting

February 24, 2007

Steve Staicoff (known by us as S3) got his first guitar – a tiger strip Stella Harmony acoustic – when he was 10 years old. He was only 3 when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, so he missed that… but luckily, his brother turned him onto KXOK radio and The Beatles at the tender […]


Steve Scariano: the Andrew Loog Oldham

February 23, 2007

Steve Scariano¬† is a bass player. He is not a frustrated guitarist who had to play bass to stay in a band. He’s 100% a professional bass player, and what a rare creature that is. Which is one of the reasons he’s been invited into so many bands over the decades (shown above on the […]

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Toby Weiss: sings and arranges

February 22, 2007

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet…” Well, above, I got to live out my Cher Half Breed delusions when I was part of the Finn’s Motel video for “Recent Linear Landscapes.” I did a little singing on their album Escape Velocity, a lot of photography. The biggest kick was one of […]