VIDEO: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Trump

December 10, 2016

I’d once done the proper version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” with the venerable Rough Shop. While rehearsing it to be trotted out again this year, it became far too obvious to change Grinch to Trump.

So we did.

John Ellis on guitar
Toby Weiss singing
Down in the Rumpus Room in South St. Louis, MO, December 2016.


VIDEO: Peace on Earth

December 10, 2016

With the passing of David Bowie in January 2016, this Christmas promised to be especially sad when the perennial duet between he and Bing Crosby aired.

While working on a cover of the Bing & Bowie tune, we realized that David Bowie’s portion was particularly meaningful right now. And the song – divorced from the “Little Drummer Boy” format – was songwriting of gorgeous simplicity.

So we excised Bing, went full-on Bowie!

John Ellis on guitar
Toby Weiss singing
Down in the Rumpus Room in South St. Louis, MO, December 2016.


NEW SONG: Gustine – The Remodels

June 23, 2016

Here’s a brand new song – with free download – from The Remodels.

“Gustine” is the slightly revised tale of a St. Louis rock legend; the ending is changed for a better Hollywood ending.

The tune is written by John “Professor” Ellis and Toby Weiss. Professor plays all the guitars, Toby sings.

Rounding out the track is Steve Scariano on bass and Spencer Marquart on drums.

All production, recording and engineering is by Matt Meyer.

2015-06-14 14.25.06

After John Ellis and I (this is Toby) wrote the song in December 2013 (I think it was), we finally got around to recording it as a simple voice and guitar track. That’s us above, early in 2015.


With the decision to go “full band” we brought in Steve Scariano (top middle) and Spencer Marquart (top right) to round out the sound. Professor Ellis (top left) piled on the guitars. And then everyone left to go to Christmas parties. This was December 2015.


Matt Meyer (above) recorded everything either at Fire Brand studios or his own studio in DeSoto, MO. He’s a kick ass man, all around.

So are Professor, Scariano and Spencer. Thank you to everyone who came along on this journey.


VIDEO: Bomb Pop Boy

August 3, 2015

Oh, the joy of having a video diary of the Bomb Pop Boy journey!

Thank you to Bill Streeter of Hydraulic Pictures for all the filming and production work on the final product. And to Ann Hirschfeld for illustrating the memories of that hot night on a summer long ago…


The Remodels – Bomb Pop Boy

July 26, 2014

john ellis toby weiss the remodels

The Remodels debut an original song, written by John Ellis & Toby Weiss (above). Recorded partially in Dallas, TX and St. Louis, MO. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jack Petracek. And it’s yours to listen to and download for free.


Live Debut of New Single “Bomb Pop Boy”

July 26, 2014

6.14.2013, St. Louis MO – The Remodels debut “Bomb Pop Boy” for Kittypalooza at Off Broadway. Video by Don Hollenbeck.

It’s a departure for The Remodels in that it’s an original song written by John Ellis and Toby Weiss. Studio recording is available to listen and download on Soundcloud.


The Remodels – “Year of the Cat”

June 20, 2013

June 14, 2013 at Off Broadway in St. Louis, MO for Kittypalooza.
We ended our set at the charity benefit with a 6/8 reworking of Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat.” Another of those cool Steve Staicoff ideas taken to the nth degree with an extended Allman Brothers Band jam at the end.

Thank you to Cat Pick for inviting us to help raise funds for Tenth Life Organization.


The Remodels – “Girl Don’t Come”

June 20, 2013

June 14, 2013 at Off Broadway in St. Louis, MO. The 2nd song of our Kittypalooza set. “The minutes fly by…”


The Remodels – “Walk Like a Panther”

June 20, 2013

June 14, 2013 at the club Off Broadway in St. Louis, MO. We opened our Kittypalooza set with a cover of Jarvis Cocker’s “Walk Like a Panther.” Special dedication to Toby’s cat, Panther (hey, it’s Kittypalooza, so yeah!).

Brian Smith – drums
John Ellis – spacey guitar
Steve Scariano – Stevie Nicks-like tambourine
Steve Staicoff – guitar
Toby Weiss – singing



Putting the Band Back Together for Kittypalooza

May 29, 2013


Tenth Life asked us to play, we gladly said yes. Here’s the Facebook invite.


While guitarist John Ellis percolates in Texas, we’re laying the rock foundation for his arrival a couple of days before the show. Steve Staicoff, above, Steve Scariano, below, subbing on tambourine when not playing bass.


And Brian Smith (below) has transformed our cover of “The Year of the Cat” into something other-worldly Allman. To be part of the benefit show, each band must do at least one cat-themed song. We’re doing two.


Along with a quick spin through Girl Don’t Come, we’ll also debut a brand new original song. It’s about 60% recorded. Playing it live as a full band will help us put the final touches on it. We hope to release it while it’s hot and sticky this summer of 2013.


All proceeds from the show on June 14th go to Tenth Life. Buy tickets here.